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VOLunteer Hosting Service is a not for profit hosting service for the local emergency response departments.  Space is limited.

Our Mission

Provide Low cost hosting solutions and e-mail to local emergency response and planning agencies in Lowndes County Mississippi.

We have moved to Texas, but continue to support our home town agencies!

Contact Information

If you are a local agency and want low cost hosting.  Please contact Volunteer Hosting Services

Postal address:
Tim Groman
       Volunteer Hosting Service
2321 Palm Cir, Seabrook, TX 77586

We are currently hosting:

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  • www.LowndesFire.org
  • www.FirePreventionWeek.us       (FirePreventionWeek)
  • www.fpw.us                             (FirePreventionWeek)
  • www.LowndesCounty.Net           (Columbus-Lowndes Emergency Management Agency)
  • www.MSLEPC.org                      (Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee)
  • www.Tenn-TomRedCross.org      (Tenn-Tom Chapter of the American Red Cross)
  • www.LowndesRedCross.org        (Tenn-Tom Chapter of the American Red Cross)
  • www.BugCamp.org                    (MSU Extension Services 4-H Entomology Bug Camp)
  • www.LoCoARC.us                      (Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club)


Cindy Lawrence at the EMA office has a phone number if you need to contact me directly




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